MyMagicButt キュットパンツ

The Perfect Push-Up For Your Butt

Celebrities have carefully kept their secrets to a perfect booty for many years... Well now, the secret out!! - MyMagicButt padded panties. You don’t have to go for surgery or spend hours in the gym. Just slip on these comfy padded panty and transform your favourite jeans, from FLAT to FABULOUS in seconds only with MyMagicButt padded panties.
MyMagicButt molded padded panty has special built-in (sewn-in) foam padding within the panty itself. This breakthrough design keeps its shape in place- no more horrible butt pads slipping out of place! MyMagicButt has been designed to look 100% natural and works great to boost your overall figure, and confidence.

ツルペッタンなお尻のせいで女としての魅力がマイナス?  外国セレブのナイスバデーの秘密で解決できる?!整形手術なんかしなくても穿くだけでナイスなお尻の形をゲット!

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Need an emergency booty boost? Restoration needed for your clients' rear ends? We promise to transform plain to perky posteriors in mere seconds. No derriere will be spared. Write to us or buzz us and we'll back you up right away! Email: